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map() - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.Weighers
A weigher where the value is a Map and its weight is the number of entries.
mapFacesServlet(ServletContext, Set<String>) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.facesviews.FacesViews
Map the Facelets Servlet to the given extensions
mapToList(Map<K, V>) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.el.functions.Converters
Converts a Map<K, V> to a List<Map.Entry<K, V>>.
MapWrapper<K,V> - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Implementation of Map that wraps another map.
MapWrapper(Map<K, V>) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.util.MapWrapper
Initializes the wrapper with its wrapped map.
MassAttribute - Class in org.omnifaces.taghandler
The <o:massAttribute> sets an attribute of the given name and value on all nested components, if they don't already have an attribute set.
MassAttribute(TagConfig) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.taghandler.MassAttribute
The tag constructor.
matches(String, String) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.el.functions.Strings
Returns true if the given string matches the given pattern.
maximumWeightedCapacity(long) - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.Builder
Specifies the maximum weighted capacity to coerce the map to and may exceed it temporarily.
Messages - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Collection of utility methods for the JSF API with respect to working with FacesMessage.
Messages.Message - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Faces message builder.
Messages.Resolver - Interface in org.omnifaces.util
The message resolver allows the developers to change the way how messages are resolved.
MessagesRenderer - Class in org.omnifaces.renderer
This renderer is the default renderer of OmniMessages.
MessagesRenderer() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.renderer.MessagesRenderer
MethodExpressionValueExpressionAdapter - Class in org.omnifaces.el
This MethodExpression wraps a ValueExpression.
MethodExpressionValueExpressionAdapter(ValueExpression) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.el.MethodExpressionValueExpressionAdapter
MethodParam - Class in org.omnifaces.taghandler
The <o:methodParam> is a tag handler that can be used to pass a method expression as attribute into a Facelets tag.
MethodParam(TagConfig) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.taghandler.MethodParam
MethodReference - Class in org.omnifaces.el
This encapsulates information about an EL method expression.
MethodReference(Object, Method) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.el.MethodReference
MethodReference(Object, Method, Object[], boolean) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.el.MethodReference
minutesBetween(Date, Date) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.el.functions.Dates
Returns the amount of minutes between two given dates.
monthsBetween(Date, Date) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.el.functions.Dates
Returns the amount of months between two given dates.
MoveComponent - Class in org.omnifaces.component.util
The <o:moveComponent> component is a utility component via which components, facets and behaviors can be moved at runtime to a target component in various ways.
MoveComponent() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.util.MoveComponent
MoveComponent.Destination - Enum in org.omnifaces.component.util
moveToBody(ComponentSystemEvent, ScriptFamily) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.component.script.ScriptFamily
Move the given ScriptFamily component to end of body and returns true if done so.
MultiFieldValidator - Interface in org.omnifaces.validator
Generic interface for multi field validator.
MultiStrategyCopier - Class in org.omnifaces.util.copier
Copier that copies an object trying a variety of strategies until one succeeds.
MultiStrategyCopier() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.util.copier.MultiStrategyCopier
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