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BEAN_VALIDATION_AVAILABLE - Static variable in class org.omnifaces.util.Platform
BeanManager - Enum in org.omnifaces.config
This configuration enum allows you to get a reference to CDI managed beans without having any direct CDI dependency.
Beans - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Collection of utility methods for the CDI API that are mainly shortcuts for obtaining stuff from the BeanManager.
BeansLocal - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Collection of utility methods for the CDI API that are mainly shortcuts for obtaining stuff from the BeanManager.
BeanStorage - Class in org.omnifaces.cdi
CDI bean storage.
BeanStorage(int) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.cdi.BeanStorage
Construct a new CDI bean storage with the given initial capacity of the map holding all beans.
BeanValidationEventListener - Class in org.omnifaces.eventlistener
Overrides BeanValidator.setValidationGroups(String) for all components in the current view.
BeanValidationEventListener(String, boolean) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.eventlistener.BeanValidationEventListener
Construct an instance of bean validation event listener based on the given validation groups and disabled state.
beforePhase(PhaseEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.component.input.componentidparam.ConditionalWriterListener
beforePhase(PhaseEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.eventlistener.CallbackPhaseListener
beforePhase(PhaseEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.eventlistener.DefaultPhaseListener
beforePhase(PhaseEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.eventlistener.InvokeActionEventListener
Publish the PreInvokeActionEvent event on the components which are been collected in InvokeActionEventListener.processEvent(SystemEvent).
beforePhase(PhaseEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.eventlistener.ResetInputAjaxActionListener
Delegate to the ResetInputAjaxActionListener.processAction(ActionEvent) method when this action listener is been registered as a phase listener so that it get applied on all ajax requests.
broadcast(FacesEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.component.input.ViewAction
Only broadcast the action event when UIViewAction.isRendered() returns true.
broadcast(FacesEvent) - Method in class org.omnifaces.component.tree.Tree
If the given event is an instance of the specific faces event which was created during our Tree.queueEvent(FacesEvent), then extract the node from it and set it as current node and delegate the call to the wrapped faces event.
BUFFERED_RESPONSE - Static variable in class org.omnifaces.filter.OnDemandResponseBufferFilter
BufferedHttpServletResponse - Class in org.omnifaces.servlet
This HTTP servlet response implementation buffers the entire response body.
BufferedHttpServletResponse(HttpServletResponse) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.servlet.BufferedHttpServletResponse
Construct a buffered HTTP servlet response which wraps the given response.
build() - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.Builder
Creates a new ConcurrentLinkedHashMap instance.
build() - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.selectitems.SelectItemsBuilder
Builder() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.CombinedResourceInfo.Builder
Builder() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.Builder
buildList() - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.selectitems.SelectItemsBuilder
buildView(String) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components
Creates and builds a local view for the given view ID independently from the current view.
byteArray() - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.Weighers
A weigher where the value is a byte array and its weight is the number of bytes.
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