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Hacks - Class in org.omnifaces.util
Collection of JSF implementation and/or JSF component library and/or server specific hacks.
handle() - Method in class org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler.ExceptionSuppressor
Inspect all ExceptionHandlerWrapper.getUnhandledExceptionQueuedEvents() if any of them is caused by one of the exception types listed in ExceptionSuppressor.PARAM_NAME_EXCEPTION_TYPES_TO_SUPPRESS.
handle() - Method in class org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler.FacesMessageExceptionHandler
Set every exception as a global FATAL faces message.
handle() - Method in class org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler.FullAjaxExceptionHandler
Handle the ajax exception as follows, only and only if the current request is an ajax request with an uncommitted response and there is at least one unhandled exception: Find the root cause of the exception by FullAjaxExceptionHandler.findExceptionRootCause(FacesContext, Throwable).
handleFileNotFound(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class org.omnifaces.servlet.FileServlet
Handles the case when the file is not found.
handleResourceRequest(FacesContext) - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.UnmappedResourceHandler
handleSuppressedException(FacesContext, Throwable) - Method in class org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler.ExceptionSuppressor
Subclasses can override this method to have finer grained control over what must happen when the given exception has been suppressed.
handleSuppressedException(FacesContext, Throwable) - Method in class org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler.ViewExpiredExceptionHandler
Set the flash attribute "org.omnifaces.view_expired".
hasAnyApplicationScopedBeans() - Method in class org.omnifaces.cdi.eager.EagerBeansRepository
hasAnySessionOrRequestURIBeans() - Method in class org.omnifaces.cdi.eager.EagerBeansRepository
hasAnyViewIdBeans() - Method in class org.omnifaces.cdi.eager.EagerBeansRepository
hasContext() - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Faces
Returns true when the current faces context is available (i.e.
HashChangeEvent - Class in org.omnifaces.event
This event is fired by <o:hashParam> when hash parameters have been changed in the client side.
HashChangeEvent(FacesContext, String, String) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.event.HashChangeEvent
Constructs a new hash change event.
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.cdi.push.SocketEvent
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.component.output.cache.el.CachingValueExpression
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.el.MethodExpressionValueExpressionAdapter
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.el.ReadOnlyValueExpression
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.el.ValueExpressionWrapper
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.model.tree.AbstractTreeModel
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.CombinedResourceInfo
Returns the sum of the hash code of this class and the ID.
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.RemappedResource
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.ResourceIdentifier
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.WebAppManifest.ImageResource
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.WebAppManifest.RelatedApplication
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.resourcehandler.WebAppManifest.Size
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.MapWrapper
hashCode() - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.Reflection.PropertyPath
HashParam - Class in org.omnifaces.component.input
The <o:hashParam> is a component that extends the standard <f:viewParam> with support for setting hash query parameter values in bean and automatically reflecting updated model values in hash query string.
HashParam() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.input.HashParam
hasInvokedSubmit(UIComponent) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components
Returns whether the given component has invoked the form submit.
hasSession() - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Faces
Returns whether the HTTP session has already been created.
hasSession(FacesContext) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.FacesLocal
hasSessionTimedOut() - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Faces
Returns whether the HTTP session has been timed out for the current request.
hasSessionTimedOut(FacesContext) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.FacesLocal
hasSubmittedValue(EditableValueHolder) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components
Returns whether the given editable value holder component has a submitted value.
havingIds(Collection<String>) - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components.ForEach
The IDs of the components that are visited
havingIds(String...) - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components.ForEach
The IDs of the components that are to be visited
headerToMap(String) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Servlets
Returns a mapping of given semicolon-separated request header.
Highlight - Class in org.omnifaces.component.script
The <o:highlight> is a helper component which highlights all invalid UIInput components and the associated labels by adding an error style class to them.
Highlight() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.script.Highlight
hoursBetween(D, D) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.el.functions.Dates
Returns the amount of hours between two given dates.
HttpFilter - Class in org.omnifaces.filter
The HttpFilter is abstract filter specifically for HTTP requests.
HttpFilter() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.filter.HttpFilter
HttpServletResponseOutputWrapper - Class in org.omnifaces.servlet
Convenience class for extending HttpServletResponseWrapper wherein the servlet response OutputStream has to be replaced by a custom implementation.
HttpServletResponseOutputWrapper(HttpServletResponse) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.servlet.HttpServletResponseOutputWrapper
Construct a new HttpServletResponseOutputWrapper which wraps the given response.
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