Class OnDemandResponseBufferFilter

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    public class OnDemandResponseBufferFilter
    extends HttpFilter
    Filter that wraps the response with one capable of buffering on command.

    The response wrapper is additionally make available as a request attribute, so it's always obtainable even if a following filter wraps the response again. By default the response wrapper is in "pass-through" mode, meaning it will do no buffering. Anywhere during the request it can be switched to buffer by setting its passThrough argument to false.

    The next call to obtain the response's writer will then provide one that buffers. Do note that any existing writer that has been obtained before passThrough was set to false and is used afterwards, will not automatically start buffering. Only newly obtained writers will buffer from that point on.

    If at the end of the request, when this filter resumes control again, the response is still buffering (passThrough is false) its buffer will be automatically flushed to the underlying response. If however the buffer is not empty, but passThrough is true, no such flushing will be done and it's assumed the application has taken care of this.

    Arjan Tijms
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