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Objects - Class in org.omnifaces.el.functions
Collection of EL functions for objects.
ofTypes(Class<?>...) - Method in class org.omnifaces.util.Components.ForEach
The types of the components that are to be visited
OmniApplication - Class in org.omnifaces.application
This OmniFaces application extends the standard JSF application as follows: Support for CDI in Converters and Validators, so that e.g.
OmniApplication(Application) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.application.OmniApplication
Construct a new OmniFaces application around the given wrapped application.
OmniApplicationFactory - Class in org.omnifaces.application
This application factory takes care that the OmniApplication is properly initialized.
OmniApplicationFactory(ApplicationFactory) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.application.OmniApplicationFactory
Construct a new OmniFaces application factory around the given wrapped factory.
OmniMessages - Class in org.omnifaces.component.messages
The <o:messages> is a component that extends the standard <h:messages> with the following new features: Multiple for components Possibility to specify multiple client IDs space separated in the for attribute.
OmniMessages() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.messages.OmniMessages
Construct a new OmniMessages component whereby the renderer type is set to MessagesRenderer.RENDERER_TYPE.
OmniPartialViewContext - Class in org.omnifaces.context
This OmniFaces partial view context extends and improves the standard partial view context as follows: Support for executing callback scripts by PartialResponseWriter.startEval(). Support for adding arguments to an ajax response. Any XML tags which Mojarra and MyFaces has left open after an exception in rendering of an already committed ajax response, will now be properly closed.
OmniPartialViewContext(PartialViewContext) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.context.OmniPartialViewContext
Construct a new OmniFaces partial view context around the given wrapped partial view context.
OmniPartialViewContextFactory - Class in org.omnifaces.context
This partial view context factory takes care that the OmniPartialViewContext is properly initialized.
OmniPartialViewContextFactory(PartialViewContextFactory) - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.context.OmniPartialViewContextFactory
Construct a new OmniFaces partial view context factory around the given wrapped factory.
oncomplete(String...) - Static method in class org.omnifaces.util.Ajax
Execute the given scripts on complete of the current ajax response.
OnDemandResponseBufferFilter - Class in org.omnifaces.filter
Filter that wraps the response with one capable of buffering on command.
OnDemandResponseBufferFilter() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.filter.OnDemandResponseBufferFilter
onEviction(K, V) - Method in interface org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap.EvictionListener
A call-back notification that the entry was evicted.
OnloadScript - Class in org.omnifaces.component.script
The <o:onloadScript is a component that extends the standard <h:outputScript> which will be executed in the end of the HTML body (thus when all HTML elements are initialized in the HTML DOM tree) and will re-execute its script body on every ajax request.
OnloadScript() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.script.OnloadScript
onStartup(Set<Class<?>>, ServletContext) - Method in class org.omnifaces.ApplicationInitializer
op2() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.taghandler.ValidateBean.op2
org.omnifaces - package org.omnifaces
org.omnifaces.application - package org.omnifaces.application
org.omnifaces.cdi - package org.omnifaces.cdi
org.omnifaces.cdi.beans - package org.omnifaces.cdi.beans
org.omnifaces.cdi.converter - package org.omnifaces.cdi.converter
org.omnifaces.cdi.eager - package org.omnifaces.cdi.eager
org.omnifaces.cdi.param - package org.omnifaces.cdi.param
org.omnifaces.cdi.validator - package org.omnifaces.cdi.validator
org.omnifaces.cdi.viewscope - package org.omnifaces.cdi.viewscope
org.omnifaces.component - package org.omnifaces.component
org.omnifaces.component.input - package org.omnifaces.component.input
org.omnifaces.component.input.componentidparam - package org.omnifaces.component.input.componentidparam
org.omnifaces.component.messages - package org.omnifaces.component.messages
org.omnifaces.component.output - package org.omnifaces.component.output
org.omnifaces.component.output.cache - package org.omnifaces.component.output.cache
org.omnifaces.component.output.cache.el - package org.omnifaces.component.output.cache.el
org.omnifaces.component.script - package org.omnifaces.component.script
org.omnifaces.component.tree - package org.omnifaces.component.tree
org.omnifaces.component.util - package org.omnifaces.component.util
org.omnifaces.component.validator - package org.omnifaces.component.validator
org.omnifaces.config - package org.omnifaces.config
org.omnifaces.context - package org.omnifaces.context
org.omnifaces.converter - package org.omnifaces.converter
org.omnifaces.el - package org.omnifaces.el
org.omnifaces.el.functions - package org.omnifaces.el.functions
org.omnifaces.event - package org.omnifaces.event
org.omnifaces.eventlistener - package org.omnifaces.eventlistener
org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler - package org.omnifaces.exceptionhandler
org.omnifaces.facesviews - package org.omnifaces.facesviews
This package contains the classes for the OmniFaces' FacesViews feature.
org.omnifaces.filter - package org.omnifaces.filter - package
org.omnifaces.model - package org.omnifaces.model
org.omnifaces.model.tree - package org.omnifaces.model.tree
org.omnifaces.renderer - package org.omnifaces.renderer
org.omnifaces.renderkit - package org.omnifaces.renderkit
org.omnifaces.resourcehandler - package org.omnifaces.resourcehandler
org.omnifaces.servlet - package org.omnifaces.servlet
org.omnifaces.taghandler - package org.omnifaces.taghandler
org.omnifaces.util - package org.omnifaces.util
org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap - package org.omnifaces.util.concurrentlinkedhashmap
This package contains an implementation of a bounded ConcurrentMap data structure.
org.omnifaces.util.copier - package org.omnifaces.util.copier
org.omnifaces.util.selectitems - package org.omnifaces.util.selectitems
org.omnifaces.validator - package org.omnifaces.validator
org.omnifaces.viewhandler - package org.omnifaces.viewhandler
OutputFamily - Class in org.omnifaces.component.output
Base class which is to be shared between all components of the Output family.
OutputFamily() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.output.OutputFamily
OutputFormat - Class in org.omnifaces.component.output
The <o:outputFormat> is a component that extends the standard <h:outputFormat> with support for capturing the output and exposing it into the request scope by the variable name as specified by the var attribute.
OutputFormat() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.output.OutputFormat
OutputLabel - Class in org.omnifaces.component.output
The <o:outputLabel> is a component that extends the standard <h:outputLabel> with support for automatically setting its value as the label of the component identified by its for attribute (if any).
OutputLabel() - Constructor for class org.omnifaces.component.output.OutputLabel
overrideGlobalBeanValidationDisabled() - Method in class org.omnifaces.cdi.param.DynamicParamValueProducer.DefaultParamAnnotationLiteral
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