Class SelectItemsCollector

  • public final class SelectItemsCollector
    extends Object
    Collection of utility methods for collecting SelectItem instances from various sources.
    Arjan Tijms
    • Method Detail

      • collectFromParent

        public static List<SelectItem> collectFromParent​(FacesContext context,
                                                         UIComponent parent)
        This method gets all select items that are expressed via UISelectItem or UISelectItems children of the given parent component.

        Note that if SelectItemGroup instances are present then those will be inserted directly in the returned list and the using code still has to iterate over its children recursively to obtain all separate SelectItem instances.

        parent - the parent whose children are scanned
        context - The involved faces context.
        list of select items obtained from parent's children.
      • collectFromUISelectItemsIterator

        public static List<SelectItem> collectFromUISelectItemsIterator​(FacesContext facesContext,
                                                                        UISelectItems uiSelectItems,
                                                                        Iterable<?> items)
        This method runs the algorithm expressed by a UISelectItems component that uses the var iterator construct to generate a list of SelectItems.
        uiSelectItems - The involved select items component.
        items - The available select items.
        facesContext - The involved faces context.
        list of SelectItem obtained from the given parameters