Class CDNResource

    • Constructor Detail

      • CDNResource

        public CDNResource()
        Do not use this constructor. It's merely there for Externalizable.
      • CDNResource

        public CDNResource​(Resource resource,
                           String cdnURL)
        Constructs a new CDN resource which remaps the given wrapped resource to the given CDN URL. The CDN URL is available by getRequestPath(). The local URL is available by getLocalRequestPath().
        resource - The resource to be remapped.
        cdnURL - The CDN URL of the resource.
    • Method Detail

      • getRequestPath

        public String getRequestPath()
        Returns the CDN URL. I.e. the remapped request path pointing a CDN host.
        getRequestPath in class RemappedResource
        The CDN URL.
      • getLocalRequestPath

        public String getLocalRequestPath()
        Returns the local URL. I.e. the original request path pointing the local host.
        The local URL.