Class MapWrapper<K,​V>

  • Type Parameters:
    K - the type of keys maintained by this map
    V - the type of mapped values
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Map<K,​V>

    public class MapWrapper<K,​V>
    extends Object
    implements Map<K,​V>, Serializable
    Implementation of Map that wraps another map. This allows interception of one or more method on this wrapped map.

    This class is not listed in showcase! Should I use it?

    This class is indeed intented for internal usage only. We won't add methods here on user request. We only add methods here once we encounter non-DRY code in OmniFaces codebase. The methods may be renamed/changed without notice.

    We don't stop you from using it if you found it in the Javadoc and you think you find it useful, but you have to accept the risk that the method signatures can be changed without notice. This utility class exists because OmniFaces intends to be free of 3rd party dependencies.

    Arjan Tijms
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    • Constructor Detail

      • MapWrapper

        public MapWrapper​(Map<K,​V> map)
        Initializes the wrapper with its wrapped map.
        map - the map to wrap.