Class ParamValue<V>

  • Type Parameters:
    V - The type of the actual value this class is wrapping.
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ParamValue<V>
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    The type that's injected via the @Param qualifier.

    This acts as a wrapper for the actual value that is retrieved from the request and optionally converted.

    Arjan Tijms
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public V getValue()
        Gets the converted version of the value that was retrieved from the request.

        Note: if this instance was injected into a passivating scope and passivation has indeed taken place and the converted value was not serializable, this will attempt to reconvert the submitted value again. Conversion can only be done when in a Faces context!

        The converted value.
      • getSubmittedValue

        public String getSubmittedValue()
        Returns the submitted value. If this is a multi-valued parameter, then this returns only the first one.
        The submitted value.
      • getSubmittedValues

        public String[] getSubmittedValues()
        Returns the submitted values. If this is a multi-valued parameter, then this returns all of them. Since 3.8, any modifications to the array do not anymore affect the original array.
        The submitted values.