Interface CacheProvider

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    CacheInstancePerScopeProvider, DefaultCacheProvider

    public interface CacheProvider
    A provider for a specific Cache implementation. Via this plug-in construct, the OmniFaces Cache component can make use of different kinds of cache implementations.
    Arjan Tijms
    • Method Detail

      • getCache

        Cache getCache​(FacesContext context,
                       String scope)
        Gets an instance of a Cache using the configured cache provider.
        context - faces context used for resolving the given scope.
        scope - scope for which the cache should be obtained. Supported scopes are dependent on the specific caching provider, but generally at least "session" and "application" should be supported.
        Cache instance encapsulating the cache represented by this CacheProvider
      • setParameters

        void setParameters​(Map<String,​String> parameters)
        Passes parameters to the cache provider implementation. This is mainly intended for configuration of things like LRU and global TTL. Settings are mainly implementation specific.
        parameters - map of parameters used to configure the cache.