Class SocketSessionManager

  • @ApplicationScoped
    public class SocketSessionManager
    extends Object

    This web socket session manager holds all web socket sessions by their channel identifier.

    Bauke Scholtz
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SocketSessionManager

        public SocketSessionManager()
    • Method Detail

      • register

        protected void register​(String channelId)
        Register given channel identifier.
        channelId - The channel identifier to register.
      • register

        protected void register​(Iterable<String> channelIds)
        Register given channel identifiers.
        channelIds - The channel identifiers to register.
      • add

        protected boolean add​(Session session)
        On open, add given web socket session to the mapping associated with its channel identifier and returns true if it's accepted (i.e. the channel identifier is known) and the same session hasn't been added before, otherwise false.
        session - The opened web socket session.
        true if given web socket session is accepted and is new, otherwise false.
      • send

        protected Set<Future<Void>> send​(String channelId,
                                         String message)
        Send the given message to all open web socket sessions associated with given web socket channel identifier.
        channelId - The web socket channel identifier.
        message - The push message string.
        The results of the send operation. If it returns an empty set, then there was no open session associated with given channel identifier. The returned futures will return null on Future.get() if the message was successfully delivered and otherwise throw ExecutionException.
      • remove

        protected void remove​(Session session,
                              CloseReason reason)
        On close, remove given web socket session from the mapping.
        session - The closed web socket session.
        reason - The close reason.
      • deregister

        protected void deregister​(Iterable<String> channelIds)
        Deregister given channel identifiers and explicitly close all open web socket sessions associated with it.
        channelIds - The channel identifiers to deregister.